Data Privacy Training

Via E-Learning or In-House

The Training Concept

Our training programs aim to familiarize each employee as efficiently as possible with the data protection regulations that are relevant for daily business.
We attach great importance to the fact that, in addition to the basics that are important for awareness, our training focuses primarily on specific situations. We bypass using unnecessary terms and paragraphs. Our intention is to ensure that the training participants receive a proper awareness presentation relating to the objectives of data protection and their duties for cooperation. Since this is in fact the task of your organisation – not more, but not less.
In order to meet this objective, we rely on training programs of a reasonable duration which are supported by flipchart-style illustrations, directly relating to the communicated content.
Datenschutz Schulung

The Data Privacy Academy – train your employees with E-Learning Courses

On our e-learning platform, you will find a variety of learning modules customized for different target groups by data protection experts. Easily comprehensible, on point!
These training sessions are providing both, videos exercises as well as classic courses as combination of text and image. Furthermore, we are offering our trainings in German and English.
WWe customize training programs taking into account the specific requirements of organisations and individuals. Find out more about our offerings!
Our basic courses (without corresponding final test) take approx. 45 minutes. Just take a look at the free basic course!

In-House Awareness Trainings

Although e-learning offers certain advantages, a classic in-house training may be more suitable.
This way, especially more comprehensive aspects, i.e. training for special groups of your employees such as executives or marketing departments, can easily be covered. The opportunity for answering specific interposed questions and to discuss particularities make this type of training extremely instructive.

All in all, a key precondition for the success of an in-house training is as small group of participants, the willingness to use the time and actively engage with the topic.