Professional Data Protection Consulting for your Organisation

You concentrate on your core business and we take care of protecting your data processings

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for data protection and data security that meets the requirements of all branches. Therefore, it is all the more important that our consultants have collected extensive experience by working on projects with numerous requirements and needs of our customers.
Today’s life without modern data processing as gear wheel within an organisation is simply inconceivable. The customer wants to know where his consignment is, the forwarding company likes to keep an eye on his own employees and his sub-contractors. Beginning a project requires the involvement of Privacy by Design and Data Protection by Design from software companies in order to prove their data protection compliance and gain competitive advantage.
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Public authorities are more and more heading to automation and process digitalisation. The cost efficiency achieved this way should at the same time be combined with a high level of security for your IT infrastructure. We join you and enable you to implement measures to mitigate internal risks and external attacks.

You pose the question, we have the answer!

  • Is my website compliant to data protection laws?
  • Do I need a cookie consent?
  • May I read the e-mails of my employees?
  • Whats the level of my IT security?
  • Social Media – marketing opportunity or security risk?
  • When do I need to conclude a data protection contract?

Employee Data Protection

Whether e-mails, log files or payroll accounting – the data of your employees is highly sensitive. What may be included in the personnel file, when are documents to be deleted and should e-mails also be permitted to be used for private use? How to organise the processing of employee data in compliance with data protection regulations, let us tell you.

Customer Data Protection

Responding to customer enquiries, accepting new orders, providing services. In your daily work, you are processing a large amount of personal customer data. ERP, CRM and document management systems support you in doing so. And we help you to use these systems in a way that complies with data protection regulations.
Confidentiality and discretion are of particular importance in the world of healthcare. In care facilities, medical practices and therapy centres, in addition to the professional obligation to maintain confidentiality, the protection of IT systems is essential for the confidential handling of patient data. Enabling you to focus on the care of your patients, we check the security of your facility.
The requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation also apply to social data , as do the regulations of the social security codes. We are consulting companies of different sizes, from small institutions in the field of social work to large organisations in the area of social data management.