Data Protection Auditor

As independent auditors, we provide support and assistance for a careful analysis of data protection and data security

The controller needs to be be well positioned in accordance with data protection law, not just in his own company. In order to be able to provide evidence of compliance with legal obligations, companies are also obliged to closely scrutinise their processors when transferring data to any external service provider.
Engaging a service provider, data is passed on to external parties. A service provider not only supports your processes, but also spreads the risks of data breaches.
Datenschutz Auditor

Auditing your Service Providers

In addition to negotiating data protection contracts, we act as independent auditors to assess your contractor’s level of data protection and identify any vulnerabilities that could endanger outsourced data processing.
Datenschutz Audit

Auditing your data protection level

We identify for you in in all aspects of your organization the extent to which your data protection concept has been realized and which measures are recommended to close any gaps. We provide a transparent report on our analysis results.

Data protection audit with and without being appointed external data protection officer

For our customers who have designated us as their external data protection officer, we shall execute an annual data protection audit and report in detail on the level of data protection. You are welcome to engage us for an audit apart from the appointment as data protection officers. Get in touch and find out how we can help you.