Data Protection Software

Our software for your data protection: the data protection tool

In order display the data protection management and the fulfilling of your accountability, we developed our own software solution together with our partner company, the MoeWe GmbH.
The application is available to internal and external data protection officers and supports your data protection processes.

From the practice for the practice of data protection officers.

  • 1.

    Record of processing activities and data protection impact assessment

    Record processing activities based on a data mapping and evaluate the data protection requirements. You shall be able to immediately launch a data protection impact assessment.
  • 2.

    TOM checklist / data compliance audit

    Document the stage of technical and organisational measures by using the comprehensive checklist.
  • 3.

    Data protection management - documentation

    Using input masks and reports you generate prompt reports and status information in order to implement and document your data protection management successfully.
  • 4.

    Reports for both internal and external use

    You may use various reports to determine the information and status of process documentation, data transfers and processing orders.